While we are not directly involved with any insurance company, we will do all we can to help you derive maximum benefits from your insurance plan. Many of our patients have dental insurance that may help pay for a portion of their treatment. There are many different insurance carriers and benefit plans. Our treatment recommendations are based solely on what we feel will give the best periodontal treatment outcome. Your insurance reimbursement will be based on the amount contracted for your individual plan.

As a courtesy, will help you process and expedite reimbursement from your insurance carrier. We require that you to take care of your account with us and then have the carrier reimburse you. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, payments are due in full at the time of service.
Nikolaos D. Karellos, D.M.D. | prosthodontist
Laura Minsk, D.M.D. | periodontist
Nikolaos D. Karellos, D.M.D.
Laura Minsk, D.M.D.
801 Yale Ave.
Suite 619
Swarthmore, PA 19081